What is Few Steps From Home Animal Rescue?
   Few Steps From Home Animal Rescue is designed to rescue abused, unwanted, abandoned, or stray animals (dogs and cats) and to find them the forever homes that they deserve.  We do carefully screen all applicants to ensure that the pets are the right match for the household.  Our goal is to place these animals into forever homes, that are loving and nurturing.

Who founded the rescue and how and when did it start?
    Few Steps From Home Animal Rescue was founded by Heather Smith, after she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.  She started to search for something she could do to make a difference.  That is when she got involved in rescue work by writing a newsletter for a local rescue. She then started to foster dogs and cats and decided that she could do more for the animals if she started her own rescue.  That is when "Few Steps From Home Animal Rescue" was created in 2007, and we work every day to make a diference.

I hear a lot about the rescue, where can I find articles or more information on it?
    There have been articles written about our rescue they are kept in our adoption book which can be seen at events.  Few Steps From Home has been featured in many newspapers such as the Bay City Times, the Saginaw News, as well as the Midland Daily News.  We have also been featured on Channel 25 News, Channel 5 News and Heather was nominated for Hometown Hero  by The Bay City Times. Articles about our rescue can be found under our link section of the site.

Do you take in only certain breeds of dogs?
    Few Steps From Home is an all breed rescue. We accept anything from a Poodle to a Saint Bernard! 

I have heard you accept Pit Bulls, do you have someone experienced
enough to handle dogs like that?
    Pit Bulls are a very misunderstood dog.  The actually make wonderful companion pets for families and they love children.  They do take a strong leader to handle them and keep up on the training they need.  Here at Few Steps From Home Heather is the Pit Bull expert.  She knows how to handle these dogs and deal with problem behavior.  We also work closely with a wonderful dog trainer who deals  with extreme cases of aggression as well as many other problems.  Between Heather and John our dog trainer, no dog is too much dog for them.

Do you have a facility where I can see the dogs or the cats at?
    All of our dogs are fostered in Private homes so they can get more one on one attention, or placed in a "holding" area until a foster home opens up..  An appointment should be made prior to meeting the dogs.  Some of our cats are in private foster homes also.  We place the cats that need more hands on into foster homes.  All of our other cats are in our cattery which houses about 25 cats.  All of the cats in the cattery are very well taken care of, fed, and socialized by many dedicated volunteers. But again, you will need an appointment to see any of the animals in our care.

Why does it cost so much to adopt a pet from you?
    Our animals only receive the highest quality of vet care.  The costs vary a great deal from animal to animal depending on how much we have to put into them medically.  All of our animals come with Distemper series vaccinations (dogs), rabies, spayed/neutered (dependent on age), heart worm tests and treatment, treated for fleas, ear mites, tested for FIV/LEUK (cats), and microcipped (dogs).  You can see an extensive list of what is put into the animals under the application section.  We have to ask the amounts that we do for the animals in our care so we can pay the vet bill and be able to help the next dog or cat that needs us.

Are you tax exempt?
At this time we are not tax exempt, but are working towards that goal.

I adopted an animal from few steps From home, do you take the animals back and is there a time limit you will accept them back into the program?
    We accept all animals we have adopted out back into our program. In fact, it is in our adoption contract that by law the animal must be returned to us.  Of course, we do try to help you keep the pet through whatever problems you are having with them.  There is no time limit for taking the animals back into the system.

Why do you accept animals from all over the United states when there
are so many here that need help?
    This is a question we are asked frquesntly.  We do accept animals from Michigan animal controls,  but we also help urgent cases from across the United States.  We help these animals because they are not put down in a humane way.  there are many animal controls that still use "old" methods for euthanizing animals.gassing is just one of the many ways, as well as the heart stick, and a few other methods that are right in our own back yard.

I have to turn my dog or cat into you right away.  Im moving in a week.
    We hear this a lot.  When you know you are moving it is very important that your pets are taken care of as well as yourself.  Most of the time a week is not enoigh time for many rescues to come up with foster homes for these animals.  You must let rescues know at the very least a month in advance before moving.  Even then, it willl depend on room that the rescues have.  because of the overwhelming amount of animals that need to come into rescue daily, many have  a waiting list a mile long.  We understand that every animal is urgent as seen in the owners eyes because they do not want to take the animal to animal control.  That again, is why it is so important to start looking for  aplace for your animals as soon as you know you will be moving and not wait until the last minute.  Even if you are trying to find a place that will allow your pets to come with you, have a back up always.

My dog is not working out in our house I need to give it up.
    This is another thing we hear a  lot from people.  We strive to do all we can to keep the dog in the home they are in.  We can reccomend trainers to help you work through the issues at hand.  But you MUST be willing to put the work into the dog.  Remember that if you get through these obtacles with your dog you willl form such a bond there will be no other like it.

I want to donate to a good cause for animals but there are so many out there
who should I donate to?
    Well that will be up to you.  Do your research to make sure they have the same values you do.  make sure they actually work with or accept animals, find out if they euthanize after certain amounts of time, find out about the adoption process and if they give animals out for free, ask questions, and ask a lot of them.  you are entitled to have answers to all of your questions asked no matter what they are.  if anyone denies you answers, then they are not a worthy cause to donate to and move onto the next.  also find out where your money will be used within the rescue.  if you choose for your donation to go towards a certain animal or food etc, then the rescue should abide by this.

I want to find a home for my dog or cat on my own how do I do this?
    Please see the answer above about asking a lot of questions.  use screening forms you find suitable for your animal from different rescue groups to help you out with your search.  ask for advice from rescue groups who have the same values in mind that you do about rehoming animals.  See if Rescue groups will help you with the rehoming process of your animals, many will.

If I foster my dog or cat or a stray I found will you help me find  a home?
    Yes, of course we will.  many times that is our hold up is foster homes.  since we do not euthanize space is limited.  We have had dogs in rescue for up to 3 years.  We do ask your animal is updated on all vaccinations and spayed or neutered however.  We also muct send you a foster agreement at that time explaining the rules of adopting your animal out that you must sign and date.  this contract MUST be followed accordingly.  you must understand that some cats or dogs will not get adopted right away and you must be patient with the process.

Do you have comments or questions? 
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