This page is to honor all of the people and animals in our lives that we have loved, and that have impacted our lives and the lives of others.  They now wait at the "Rainbow Bridge" for us to arrive and accompany them to the other side.

It is with sadden hearts that FSFH has said good-bye to our special boy Roy.  He was a last minute, life saving rescue from Genesee Co Animal Control in 2015.  Roy had physical limitations, of being completely blind and partially deaf.  Roy was loved and cared for by his FSFH rescuer, until he crossed Rainbow Bridge.  We are sure he is loving being able to see, hear, and play now.    2019

Sadly, Holly never got that furrever home.  She was loved by many though.  Holly has crossed rainbow bridge to join kitty heaven.  March 2018

The rescue sadly has had to say goodbye to adorable Cutie Pie.  Enjoy life on the other side of the bridge! January 2018
Our Christmas Eve rescue, sweet Noelle, ironically has crossed rainbow bridge during the holidays at 7 years old.  December 2017
Isaac was taken from us way too soon.  He is pouncing around in a pain free place.  Rest in peace sweet baby boy!  April 2017-December 2017

Thor has crossed Rainbow Bridge.  He is now running and playing free.  It is a sad good-bye, but he will never be forgotten!  October 16, 2017


"Toonie", an unfair death because of your breed. How sad for those that knew you and loved you. Your silly ways always made us laugh. You will hold a place in our hearts forever.
I came across this video Rita made for "Yanni". She was the sweetest, most gentle malamute you would have ever laid your eyes on. She was pulled from Bay Co. animal control with a rock lodged in her throat. She ended up with spinal issues, causing her the inability to use her hind legs. No one wanted her even before that due to her age. She was 8 when we pulled her. So shameful, people didn't know what they missed. We love you Yanni. We still need Yanni to come home to us. We have not been able to afford her ashes, hopefully we can bring her home soon. Heather
My sweet "Kitten", death took you too soon from me. Your sweet gentle ways, you were my little baby. I will miss you always.
Little "Wilber", you touched the lives of so many. You were loved not only by everyone that met you, but you were adored by your family. May you be at peace under your favorite tree.
I can't thank Linda Atkins enough {Few Steps From Home Animal Rescue} for connecting me with the most wonderful dog in the world, "Toby"! Linda chose me to be Toby's mommy and arrived at my home on May 6, 2008 a day for which I will be forever grateful. Toby was truly my heart dog and meant the world to me and my family!! A few words I could use to describe Toby are; kind, gentle, loving, amazing, best friend and confidant, needless to say we all loved him to death!!

Sadly, on December 17, 2009, "Toby" lost his battle with cancer and quietly left me still wagging his tail during his last breath. My heart ached as I had to tell him goodbye. I felt I had lost my best friend and confidant. Toby listened to me as I shared my joys and frustrations about life and always gave me a nudge to let me know he understood. It is amazing to me the bond we formed in the short time he was with me. He and I shared nearly two years together, I will never forget his warm brown eyes and the smile he gave me each time I walked in the door. I love you "Toby", we shall meet again someday...

Tammi Waugh
In memory of "Trooper". You will be missed so much by your daddy Rick. He adored you. Rest in peace now beloved boy, you earned it.
In memory of "Cheyenne". The strongest willed girl I have ever met. you had such a hard life. may you rest in peace now. I love you
In loving memory of "Sadie".  You had such a hard life, but you finally found peace here at the rescue. You will be sadly missed by all of us here
Memorials and Memorial Donations
Our Animal Babies

In memory of "K.C." Who passed away right before Christmas. I will always miss you. 
                         I love you,
Your Mommy

In memory of "Ike", you will be missed by your family and those that cared for you in the rescue.

In memory of "Yacky",  you will be dearly missed by your Mommy Carolyn. You were her life and soul.  There will be no other like you.

In memory of "Winnie", may you rest now sweet one. You will be missed.

In memory of "Sweety Pie".  You will be greatly missed by many of us.

In memory of "PJ Chanel", who was a sweet tail wagging tutor, and a bright ray of sunshine to all that met her..contribution ~ Katy King.

In memory of "Jessie" my sweet dog I lost a year ago in November. Cindy Polega.

In memory of "Brownie".  You were so loved by your family. You will be missed.

In memory of "Oz", you will always be remembered.

Memorials and Memorial Donations
Our Beloved Family & Friends

In memory of Harlan (Barney) Loos.  The world will never be the same without you in it. You are loved more then words can say. We miss you so very much.

In memory of Carol Cassar. Carol's love for Trike and Lucy was unsurpassed, as was her love for all animals and the many people she loved.

In Honor Of and Happy Birthday Donations
In Honor Of Linda Atkins of "Few Steps From Home". As always, you are appreciated for your loving care of God's creatures. Donation made by Marcia Davis.

In memory of Cheryl Parker. memorial Donation made by Rosemary Pope.

In memory of Paul Clements ~ Memorial donation made by the Christeson and Dust Families.

In Memory of Evelyn Moyer  from Eugene Moyer and friends and family.

In Honor of Jane Davidson.  This donation made in her honor is to help "Few Steps From Home Animal Rescue" in providing good homes for homeless animals. Donation made by Elaine K.

In honor of "LADY" who was adopted from "Few Steps From Home", and is loved very much.

In honor of Jane Davison donation made by Elane Kirkpatric.

In honor of "MESHA" made by Cindy Polega.

In Memory of Shaila Kirkpatrick- you will be missed by all who knew you.

In memory of Chris Parker-Rovoll's husband.

In honor of "TRIBUTE", donation made by Michael Brodzi.

In honor of Rachel Walker. Memorial made by Suzie Garlic.

In honor of Lisa Graf, wishing my BFF a "Very Happy and Healthy Birthday for many, many years to come. Thank you for bringing such joy and happiness to my life." Love, Jackie