Meet Our Santuary Cats And Dogs!
   Every once in awhile we have a dog or cat that comes through our doors that is too sick, too old or has behavior issues that leaves them "unadoptable".  We are able to offer Sanctuary for these sweet souls, so they are able to live out thier lives in an environment where they are safe and taken care of and most of all LOVED.
      These dogs and cats need on going care be it for medical, basic needs ( ie: food, treats, toys, special bedding), behavioral training or the many other things required to provide a safe happy environment. We rely greatly on the generosity of the public for help with these items for these animals who have found sanctuary with us in our Few Steps From Home Family.
      If you may be interested in sponsoring a dog or cat that is part of our Sanctuary program please contact us!  We would be happy to provide you with items for whatever pet you choose to sponsor!

Shepherd/Husky Mix
Meet Max. Max has been with us for quite a few years. Max came to us as a bite case. We were told that max had bit a man out of the blue that had spent time with max quite a few times. Max arrived here with us and absolutley hated the people within the rescue. It took Max months before he learned to trust any of us. It took Max a good year and a half to fullytrust Heather and longer to fully trust Joe the gentleman that helps with the dogs in rescue. Max is a very goofy, playful boy. He loves to play with other dogs, go for walks and carry his little toys around in his mouth and play now with his foster mom. Max derves the chance to be comfortable and happy. 
        After attempts to place max up for adoption and failed meet and greets, we decided to pull him off the adoption list due to his unpredicatable trust issues.  We  took Max to an animal behaviorist and consulted with numerous trainers over the years. Some which told us Max is adoptable.  Sadly, at this point we feel for the safety of Max and other individuals, it would be in Max's best interest to remain with us. We will continue to work with Max and his trust issues with new people. If we feel at some  point it will be safe for Max to be placed for adoption we will repost him.  But he is safe here with us for however long it may be.

Max's wish list:
*Toys-Max loves smaller squeek toys
*Dog food
*Special treats for Max
*Donations towards ongoing routine vet care
*Donations to provide Flea, tick and heartworm prevention
*Bones or other things to help with bordome
*Comfortable bed 

Chocolate Lab Mix
Meet Charlie. Charlie is a Chocolate Lab mix. Charlie came to us as a bite case where he bit the owners brother over a food dish.   Charlie has been with us for some time with taking steps ahead and 10 steps back.  Charlie definitley has trust issues with men, but also reacts to women when they mess with "his" things. Charlie has not only food aggression but he also has what we here call the "mine!" complex. With this, Charlie feels that certain things belongs to him. Food dish included. Charlie reacts aggressivly when these objects are touched by a human. Charlie has learned the sit and wait command. Once Charlie does this, we pick his food dish up put his food into the the dish then we sit the dish down and give the "ok" command for him to get up and eat.  He recently took a huge step and has started to follow these command for a man. We did foster Charlie out to a dog trainer at one time, where he came back to us after a short time. At this point, Charlie, we do not feel would be safe to adopt out to the general public due to his unpredictable behavior.  
         We have consulted with a few trainers on this subject, all which have agreed with this decision. Here Charlie will remain, continuously going through rehabilitation.  Here he will be safe and have the oppertunity to be in a calmer state of mind with people that understand him. 

Charlie's Wish List:
* Dry dog food
* Dog Treats
* Bones or other Chew items
* Tennis balls
* Donations for flea, tick and heartworm prevention
* Donations towards ongoing routine vet care
* Comfortable bed

Tuxedo Cat
Meet Reilly.  He was found at the farm in the thumb by  a friend of the rescue,  and was brought to us early in the spring of 2019.  He seemed to be a little agitated when he was brought to us. We then had noticed a spot on his forehead.  After taking him to the vet, it was discovered that he had been shot by a BB three times in the forehead and once in the back.  Surgery was performed to see if the bb in his back  could be removed, but it was unsuccessful.  He developed an abscess in his back after surgery, which had to be drained.  He was a very sick kitty, but is a strong little guy and recovered from his ordeal.  All 4 BB's remain in him. 
        At first, Reilly was very agitated and did not want to be touched.  He was very skinny too.  As you can see, he has gained  weight and seems to have calmed down to the point where we can touch him and hold him.  We hope he is no longer in pain, but seems to be ok.   He likes to sit outside in the catio and is very quiet. We think he is about 2 years old. Reilly is safe here and well taken care of as part of the Few Steps From Home Santuary Animals