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Kodiak 2018

Lucie will be spending Christmas with her new family for many years to come!  Congratulations baby girl!  December 2018






2018 LOVE









Yoda with his new furever parents, Frank and Emilie!  Oh that happy face is what it's all about.    September 2018

Gypsy September 2018

Jasmine September 2018

Seraphena September 2018

Myeta September 2018

Ambriel September 2018

Amazing Papi has found his new loving mom, Dawn.  He's even got a sweet grandma to be spoiled by!  Way to go Papi!  August 2018

Bathsheba, Jazzy, and Lila  2018

Seraphina 2018

Ambriel  2018

Gracie Mae 2018

Bellflower  2018

Houdini  2018

Mia 2018

Speckles  2018

Blossom 2018

Echo and his new furever dad!  This amazing boy never made it to our adoption page.  Sometimes these matches are just meant to be.  Happy life sweet boy!  July2018

Cookie finally has found a furever momma!  We couldn't be happier. 

They both look so happy!  May 2018

Remi is such a great boy that he didn't even have a chance

to make it to our adoption section.  Such a lucky boy now living

the life with his new parents!  Way to go Remi!  April 2018

Mr. Bailey is fitting right in with his new furrever family!  He has the coolest kitty sibling ever too!!  So happy for you all.  March 2018

​Callie has found her furever home!  Way to go sweet momma!   March 2018

Sweet Peanut what a cutie!  He didn't even have a chance to make the adoptable page.  His new furever mom fell in love with him and that was the end of that. March 2018

 Sweet Madelynn has found her furever home.  February 2018

Amazing Simba has found her furever home. 
February 2018

Sedessa has started off the new year on the right paw, with her new furever family!  January 2018

Sweet Hazel has found her furever home! December 2017

Stevie Ray is starting the new year on the right paw!  So happy he found someone with a wonderful heart to love him furever! December 2017

Mr. Whimbley joined his new furever home!  Congrats sweet boy!  Way to start off the new year!  December 2017

Sweet Pea is off to her new furever home!  Congratulations pretty girl!
December 2017

Sweet Baby has found his furever home!  December 2017

Sweet Carly never even made it to our adoption page.  Her family and the dog they were interested in didn't work out, but it was love at first sight with Carly.  By the looks of it, she is settling in, being spoiled, and lots of love! December 2017
Winnie is off the market!  Her foster momma just couldn't bear to say goodbye to her after so much time spent together.  
Well this is such a great happy furever ending!  Sheeba has already found her new family and is sure to have a wonderful Christmas and life! 
Congrats to Sheeba and her family!  December 2017
Well everyone, I made it!  My big, fluffy self has found a new furever home!  I am going to miss making my blogs for you to read, but I'm sure my replacement will do great!  Thanks for all the support and love during my FSFH stay.  I'm enjoying my comfy new home and can't wait to enjoy the holidays! November 2017

Much Love,
Jiles Image result for paw print

Brother and Sister bonding love will continue for this duo, thanks to their wonderful new family!  Griffin and Leyla Mae were adopted together...I mean who could resist their adorable kitty looks afterall.  November 2017 

Beautiful baby boy Gentry will be spending his holidays and the rest of his life in his new furever home.  Congrats to all. 
November 2017

Big boy Charlie has found his furever home.   October 2017
Sweet, baby girl Brumble found her new furever home.  September 2017 

Sweet little Buttercup has found her furever home.  She is sure to be spoiled the rest of her life!  September 2017

Princess is such a lucky gal!  She has found her new furever home.  September 2017
Siblings Blueberry and Bear Berry have found their furever homes.  They are sure to have a great life!  August 2017

Congratulations to Maizey and family!  August 2017

It was meant to be!  Addie, our beautiful and sweet gal from Texas, has become our newest foster failure!  Though she herself is far from being a failure as she has naturally become more of a therapy dog for her new owner.  We couldn't be more proud of who she has become since arriving to Michigan! Way to go Addie.  You are sure to be spoiled the rest of your life!
August 2017

Pink has finally found her furever home!  Sweet life baby girl!  2017

Kozzie has found his furever home!  We couldn't be more thrilled that he will be enjoying the rest of his life playing, exercising, and have lots of love with his new family!  Happy life Kozzie!  2017

Titania has found her fur-ever home!  Happy cuddles to the new family!  April 2017

Orangey and Gizmo have found their furever home!  Happy life for everyone!  2017

Sweet boy Romeo has found his furever family! 2017

Candy was adopted!  Happy life sweet girl!  2017

Rosie is such an amazing little girl, and she finally has found her furever family!  We couldn't be happier for her and love that she is settling in so well and her new family loves her so much!  May 2017

Sakari, now Nakita has found her furever home and has already

joined  her new family on a walk for M.S. 

Seems she is making herself right at home.  Way to go Nakita!

May 2017

Sweet, beautiful Willow has

joined her furever home! 

May 2017

Sweet Amber has found her furr-ever home and is settling in just fine!  Congrats to her and her new family.  April 2017

Beautiful Peanut has finally found her furr-ever home and we couldn't be happier!  She is being spoiled already!  Congratulations Peanut and family! 2017

Junior can now share the love with his furr-ever home.  March 2017

Pretty boy Sebastain has joined his furr-ever family!  YAY!!
March 2017

Luna found her wonderful furrever home!  Congrats sweet girl.  March 2017

Our littlest baby Peyton has found a family to call his own!  Such Love and happiness can already be seen!  Happy life sweet boy!

Congrats on your new furever home Murphy!
You will have so much fun learning and training together!

Abby and Bear have found their fur-ever home, TOGETHER!  So happy for everyone.  Endless love all around. 


Scooter and Millie are going to ring in the new year with their fur-ever homes!  So happy for these 2 cute furballs!  Dec2016

Yay for our sweet lil girl Rosie!  She found her new fur-ever home just in time for holiday fun with her new family!  May you receive much love for the rest of your life!  December 2016

After being healed back to health, Dora has found her new Fur-ever home! Dec2016

Autumn, Romeo, and Pekoe were able to find a loving home together!  Yay for siblings being able to continue their love for each other with a fur-ever family.  Lots of cuddles and playing are in store for many years to come.  Nov2016

Beautiful Kodi boy has found his fur-ever home!  Wow, our Siamese Rescues were quite lucky to find homes so quick!  Nov2016

Another lucky Siamese girl!  Onyx has found her new furr-ever home!  Happy life baby girl!

New arrival Gracie didn't last long in rescue!  This sweet baby girl is being pampered and loved in her furr-ever home!  Nov2016

Sweet, loving Chaz has found his family!  Here's to lots of cuddling and lap warming! 

From an abandoned, severely sick baby girl to a safe haven with a volunteer, love, and healing back to health.  We are so happy that Mandy has now found her home!  Here's to a wonderful life with your new family and furr-ever safe haven!  2016

Our attention loving, sweet girl, Georgia has found
her furr-ever home.  So happy that her new sfamily opened their home to give an older cat (10 years old) the love she deserves!  2016
Shera has moved on to her fur-ever family to continue being spoiled and living life to the fullest!  So happy for you ShiShi!  2016

Pretty Jonah boy found his fur-ever home! 
Congratulations to him and his new family.

UPDATE 8/28/16: Jonah has started training with his new mom toward the goal of becoming registered through Pet Partners Therapy Animal Program. It's all about improving human health through positive interactions with animals. There are so many benefits of a human-animal bond. If all goes well, for example, Jonah will be able to visit children with literacy issues, autism or even brighten the days of seniors with Alzheimers Disease in a variety of settings. It takes a confident, trusting and very friendly cat to do this job. PLUS at the same time Jonah will be advocating for the well-being of all black kitties! We always knew this boy was special.....he's got what it takes. We love you Jonah.......make us proud!!
Sweet Hanna has a new mommy and daddy!  She is such a lucky girl.  She now has room to run and a pond to swim in.  By the look on all their faces this is definitely a Happy Fur-Ever After Ending already. 
 Thank you so much Leslie and Mike for opening your hearts to give Hanna the home, love, and attention she deserves!  2016
Holly/Hannah 11/2017
Update Time!
Sweet Holly (adopted as Hannah) prepping for her holiday with her wonderful family! Nov2017
Holly and Cousins 11/2017
Holly and all of her cousins!  What a wonderful, amazing group!  You are doing great baby girl!  Love this pic!
Our Sweet Rescue Cleo that didn't even have time to make it on our "Adoptable" page.  Cleo, now Bear, is one of the lucky ones!  This little Maltese/Shitzu is in heaven!  She now has a mom who is so in love with her (feeling's mutual) and 2 fur sisters to play with too!  Such a Happy, Happy, Fur-Ever Ending!  Happy Life Bear!    2016
Nila is with her Fur-Ever Home Now!  So happy for her.  She is going to be a wonderful addition to the family.  Can't wait for an update.  Enjoy your life sweet girl.  You deserve it!

Received a picture of Nila in her new home and family says she is doing great!   Yay, Nila!
Harley (previously Mallory) was an owner surrender due to moving into different housing.  She was out of shape, fed whatever she wanted, outdoor life was either on a leash or cable tie-out.  She took to her foster mommy and siblings immediately at pick-up, slobbering them with kisses (slobbering is an understatement with her size tongue).  After seeing her pull her owner across the lawn, being told she had never had any training, her vet care was unknown, among other things- the idea was that she would need alot of work before being ready for adoption.  Needless to say, Harley lasted a whole 2 weeks in her foster home!  
Her family couldn't have fallen in love with her any more than they already had and the feeling seemed mutual.  She allowed her siblings to walk her the 2nd day home, was able to sit, stay, wait, shake, beg, fetch (sometimes bringing the toy back), and gives endless love with snuggles and kisses.  After 1 month, adoption papers were completed and Harley was legally licensed.  She continues to be spoiled and is loving her slender and healthier figure!  Her human sister is obvioulsy enjoying dress-up time with her too!  lol
Harley is definitely making everyone she meets change their view on her breed!  Way to go Harley!  Such a great baby girl!

True advocate for Bully Breeds!!!

 June 2016
Cuddles is having a wonderful 2016 now thats she's found her fur-ever home!

Jackson and Andy
Andy and his Brother Jackson came into rescue.  Jackson found his forever home after being in foster care for quite some time.  Sadly, he left his brother behind.  Andy searched for his forever home but came up short every time.  One day this nice man named Eric seem him on Petfinder cand fell in love with his sweet face.  Despite Andys "issues: Eric insisted on adopting him.  Eric wanted a challenge.  Eric's challenge became on of the best decisions he ever made.  He gained a wonderful friend and companion.  Eric recently added a new friend to his "pack" Blossom now known as Peach!  Yay a happy ending for Andy now known as "indy and sweet little Peach!

I thought you might want this picture for facebook.  This is Monkey who was adopted by one of my old grad students.  She adopted our precious Jamie too.  They are 2 of the luckiest kitties.
Hi Few Steps from Home:

We adopted Honey a few months ago.  Just wanted to let you know she's doing wonderfully, completely healed from her eye surgery.  She's just a delightful little girl and we love her to death!  She seems to be very happy here and we're so happy to have her.  I've attached a photo so you can see her without the stitches and big head collar!

Barry and Kathy

Hi Heather,

Just wanted to let you know Sarge is doing great!!  He knows all the routines and acts like he's been here forever.  He is still a little timed in new situations but gets over it quickly.  Of course he is very smart and has learned some "not so good" tricks!!  He knows he's not suppose to put his paws on the counter but nobody told him he can't stand on his hind legs without touching the counter and take dirty dishes out of the sink, to clean them up and he sees nothing wrong with that!

I've also found out the hard way he likes to tear apart things with feathers in them--like feather pillows, oh yes that was real fun to clean up.  Needless to say he is still put in his crate when I go away for more that 10-15 min. but other wise he doesn't go in it.

He is not aggressive about his food, Lewis and I can both go up to him and touch him & it doesn't bother him and of course I can do anything to Lewis & he doesn't care.  I do stand between them when they eat though, otherwise they will spend more time trading each other food than eating.

I thought I would see if he would come up on my bed on his own but after about 2 weeks of not being in his crate at night he still didn't.  He probably thought he wasn't suppose to.  Any way with treats in hand it took all of about 10 secs. to get him up on it.  Now every time I walk in my bedroom he jumps on it.

I sent 2 pictures, not exactly snuggling with the cat but getting close.  One has all 3 of my furry family members.  I had to get up to the bathroom one night.  Yes there is a space for me on the far edge of the bed.  The other one was just Sarge & the cat taking a nap on the bed.

Thanks again for the great boy,
Sugar Foot
Heather and Company:

I thought you might like to see how things have turned out for Sugarfoot.  We think he likes it here.

Bob and Jennifer
Just wanted to send a note and let you know that Jasper is doing well in his new home. He has made himself right at home with no problem at all. Thanks again for everything. Im sending a few pictures as well so ya can see his smiley face.... =-)

Hi Heather,

I can't really find the words...but I think you already know.

We made it home safe and sound and he was such a good boy.  We stopped randomly at one point and found this beautiful beach on Lake Ontario and we just ran...ran and ran.  He is so flippin' fast.  I could not believe it.  I am a pretty quick sprinter and no matter how hard I pushed he always had more...he was just toying with me.  We hiked a trail that led to the beach and he is an amazing trail dog...curbs himself and steps out of the way for people polite.  A silly kid let his Yellow Lab's leash go, who immediately came bounding right at Mally full speed and Mally did not make a peep, just let the dog sniff, and go on his merry way.  And when we stopped another time he gave kisses to a 5 year old girl who was caught between elation and terror.

Anyway, no hitches on the ride.  He is not really eating yet, but he's just so excited (and I was a little nervous because you said he was such a good eater, but he does love the Mother Hubbard Bacon and Cheese biscuits I got him, so he's had quite a few of those - and they're organic so I figure it's okay).  He seems to like it here.  The fence is done but for one gate, so I blocked the gate and let him run around the yard and he basically ran until he collapsed, rolled over and demanded a belly rub.

The baby gate appears to be working and actually Kai and Malakai touched noses through the gate last night.  Kai swatted at him once before that and all he did was let out one RESOUNDING and awe inspiring bark, but wagged his tail the whole I think we are on the right path with them and based on that interaction I am thinking they will be just fine together in the near future.

I was able to see immediately about how he finds his way and claims his stuff.  At our last pit stop in Canada, he and I were walking and running around on the grass and then he trotted back to my truck, stood on his hind legs, put both his paws on the hood and just looked over his shoulder at me...I am not positive, but I could have sworn I heard him actually say "This is mine."  He loves his new bed and claimed that immediately.  Steph and I switched off sleeping on the couch just to give him one area to deal with his first night and he seemed to like that a lot because the bed is right next to the couch.

Anyway, enough ramblings, we just can't thank you enough for everything that you do and especially for bringing Mally into our lives.  I really hope you take me up on the offer to come out and visit, we would absolutely love it and I am sure Mally would too.  Animals don't forget and we certainly won't.  Please let me know if you ever need anything and stay in touch.

P.S.  I am just sending some pictures of him in the house and yard and his new bed and his dining table (which I think I forgot to mention before).

Best Regards,

Sean Aaron Thomson

Hi Heather,
      I miss you guys already. The first two pics are of me in the car on the way to my new home. The others are after I got a bath. See how fluffy and shiny I am? I snooped all over the back yard, and then they let me in the house to check it out. I was a very  good boy during that whole time and I even stood real still during my bath. I really loved getting toweled off. Then I got some yummy cookies for being such a good boy. Right now I'm chillin' in the living room waiting to go for a ride in the car. I'll write often I promise.



Dear Heather,
         It has been  a little over a month now and Charlie is doing so well. He gets more comfortable and confident every day. He was pretty scared at first. He even growled at me acouple of times. But not Tom. He seemed really taken with Tom from day one. He also really likes our son, Shane. He is great with dogs. So they are buddies. At first he almost seemed obsessed with Tom, but now he loves us all.
          He gets to go for at least one or two walks everyday. At least one car ride with me, and sometimes one with Tom. That seems to be his favorite thing. That, and drive up windows. I go to the bank everyday cuz of our business. I have a stash of treats in case the bank is out. He is great on a leash. At first I walked him right next to me,  on a short leash. But now we use the extend-a-leash and he really likes that. He has met alot of our neighbors, doing well with all that he has met. He is friendlier with all the men. I think he must of had a male owner that he misses. He just got to met my Mom and Dad. They fell in love with him. I took him to Grand Blanc for the day and he was just the best boy. We play toys alot. He likes to growl the whole time. But we know he is just playing!!
          You were right he does like the couch! He will lay on the loveseat and stare out the window. And stand on the big couch watching people go by our house. If I ride my bike he goes from window to window to see me. He has quite a personality.
           We are sending along some pics. Also I wanted to send an Email to Crystal at the Gladwin county shelter but don`t know where to send it. Could you help me with that?
         All for now, we will keep in touch.
                         Lori, Tom and Charlie
Hi Heather,
Just a quick note to let you know that Lizzie is doing wonderfully here with us.
We are totally smitten with her and, spoiling her rotten!
She and Zack are doing really well, they were laying together within a couple of days.
Of course, Lizzie initiates it so far but, he tolerates it so, that's good!

I'm attaching a couple of pics for you!

Take care and, thanks again...SO MUCH!

Karen and Al Gallup
As you can see Abby has settled in quite nicely, our new addition to our family. She is a very loving and gentle little girl and we are thrilled to have her.

Mary and Tim
Just wanted you to know that Skooter has completely made himself
at home. He is the most calm dog we have ever seen. As you can tell,
even our slippers aren't afraid of him. Skeezer and Angel accepted him
into their pack right away. We will keep you posted of his progress.
Thanks again for allowing us to adopt him.
Paul and Karen Brown
Well, it has been an interesting introduction to knowing Shyla.  It took two days before she stopped trying to drink from the toilets, she tried to train me to open the lids for her by leading me to them while refusing water any other way..... we compromised by setting a big bowl on the toilet lid, then progressed to a smaller elevated bowl in the living room.  Problem Malamuted!
Then she could not fit comfortably into the front seat of the Yukon so instead of buying a Hummer for more space I constructed a special padded platform so she could stretch out in the front.  Problem Malamuted!    I took her to the groomers for her first bath on day three and there was a bit of fear being that EVERYTHING  was all so new to her. But she freaked out over the dryer/blower so the next day I furminated a small truckload of fine undercoat off of her in the garage after she dried completely.  Her blood work came back and turns out she is hypo-thyroidic, so she is on thyrosin. We'll get a follow up in 4 weeks and get the dosage "dialed in" over time.  With diet and exercise one vet thinks about 105 to 110 would be her "optimal" weight, so just 15 more to go!  It took two days away before she showed any interest in her lion and she was ALWAYS  sleeping so lightly, so many new adjustments to make...... but then one afternoon she climbed up, laid down behind me on the couch and cuddled her lion (who was patiently waiting for her on the couch) and went to sleep. Now she takes an afternoon snooze there every day in PA.  Not much room left after she lies down behind me on the couch, and she likes being very close.  Malamute sweetie.  Her light sleeping has turned to deep happy sleep when needed.  She really adapted to Carla's rental house here in MD rather well, and tolerates the 14 week old (red) Malamute puppy, Kai.  Actually, while not liking the food thing, the toy thing and her tail thing with a bouncing puppy (strong aggressive stance)  she has also been visibly protective of Kai, too.  When they play frisky -run -jump -tornado puppies in my townhome living room, you had best get back and watch the show!  Kai's morning Kreation photo started with a completely CLEAN spot on the floor that she decorated herself in a few hours.

In all,  Shyla is really coming along, happy, pampered and loved.  She was a good choice for me and I pray, vice-a-versa..

I bought Shyla a custom cut and tailored to fit 2" ballistic nylon harness and a horse lead for a leash.  She looks MARVELOUS !!!

Robert :-)

Tikanni aka Jake
To hear my mom tell it, it was love at first sight. My mom saw my photo on, and that was it. She was smitten. So began a series of excited email exchanges that ended up in me finding my forever home. 

I had a pretty crummy start in life. I was alone, didn’t know where my next meal was coming from, and everything either itched or hurt. Some folks took me to a shelter, but they were gonna do something awful to me as they figured I was too far gone.

Then an angel showed up – her name was Heather. She took me to her home and nursed me back to health. She taught me all kinds of cool things, like how to sit and speak and shake hands, and how amazing hot dogs taste. And she loved me.

A short while ago, my new mom and new auntie came to get me. My new dad, meanwhile, was busy holding down the fort and earning the kibble. We drove for a very long time, but finally we got to my new home.

I’ve been in my new house for exactly nine days, but it feels like I’ve been here forever. I’m having so much fun! We go for walks and rides, we watch television, we eat, we visit nice people, and we play with all of my new toys. We do almost everything together, and I couldn’t be happier. 

My folks hug and kiss me all the time. They keep telling me how lucky they are that I came into their lives. I think we’re all pretty lucky.
Heather- Sorry it took so long to get these to you.  Cowboy is doing just
great.  We only used the crate two nights.  Cowboy made himself right at
home.  He walked in and settled down as if he had been here his whole life.
He is getting along with everyone, including Chance.  He loves his pool and
gets in it as often as he can.  He loves, loves, loves to play catch and
Frisbee and wears us out(in a good way).  His favorite place in the whole
house is right in the center of my bed-go figure!  We love him very much and
couldn't imagine life without him.  Thanks again for all the good work you
do and thanks for making our family complete.  We will send updates, thanks
Terri Hebert
Well Ace has had a wonderful night so far! He is fantastic with the boys and they love him tons! We took him for a walk and he played out back with the boys. He has tried to hump our oldest and Paul and myself. Hehehe:-) Typical boy. He ate some dinner had a treat and is resting quietly in front of the fireplace. He pooped in the house shortly after Linda and Heather left. I was proud of him because he didn't do it downstairs on the carpet. He did it on the slate instead, easier to clean! He acts like he has lived with us forever. I will send more pictures as I take them and will give an update every now and again!
Thank you again!!
Hello, remember Maggie? I adopted her in January (see the photo titled "Maggie head on"). She's come a long way- last week, she got her first haircut (a Scottie at last!)- that's her on the left in the pictures of both her and Lo Lo. And she graduated her first (beginner's) obedience class on Saturday. What a girl! Just wanted to show her off- she sends her love and many many many many many many thanks for saving her. She LOVES life! This is definitely one of your success stories- you should be proud (because I sure am)!
Kathleen Mahinske, Maggie & Lo Lo

Miss Nilla here: Fashion Trendsetter, Lap Warmer Extraordinare and Diva Pug... but life wasn't always this good.  Before I found my Forever Home, I had a very rough year.  I was shuffled around to several homes and went through a scary surgery, waking up at the vet with no one to claim me.  Few Steps from Home took care of me and helped me find my new mom, dad and pug-brother.  I was pretty traumatized for a while after all that scary stuff that happened, and tried to bite at hands and scare people away. It took a lot of patience from my parents and the help of a dog trainer to get me
where I am today!  I may never be as excited about
meeting new people as my pug-brother is, but I'm
learning to enjoy the life every pug should have with
lots of love, attention and daily walks.  Life is good
now thanks to Few Steps from Home who took me
in and helped my new family adopt me. 
Ta ta for now! 
It's time I returned to that warm lap.