Meet Our Adoptable Dogs

Akita/Lab Mix
Midland, MI

Mountain Cur/Lab Mix
Gladwin, MI
Hi there everyone! Its Titan! I'm supposed to tell you a bit about myself here so thats what I'm going to do! I love to please people so I will follow directions especially if there is possibly a good treat or a tennis ball involved!
Ah hem.... here we go about me.... I'm cute...yes, I can say that about myself because I know I am! My foster mom tells me this ever day so I believe her.
I am a Mountain Cur Lab mix, so I have the smarts from both breeds and also the energy! I am told I would be hands down an absolutely AMAZING dog to do agility with. I'm not just smart but I'm fast, eager to please and a SUPER fast learner. And with my higher energy this would be a GREAT outlet for me!
     I am still a pup yet just a bit over a year old. I was born July 4th, 2018. I'm updated on all of my medical now, shots, negative heartworm test, treated for fleas, ticks, internal parasites, neutered and microchipped.
My basic commands I know (but tend to get side tracked easily) is sit, stay, come, down, off, quiet, leave it, drop it, shake, high five. I again, learn SO incredibly fast. The biggest challenge is keeping my focus on the task at hand. so little bits of chicken or tiny bits of hot dogs are great options for training treats for me since normal treats just does not keep my focus for long enough. I also like my treats mixed up some so that I don't get bored with those as well.
     I adore Praise and attention, the more attention lavished on me the better. But, be careful that you don't do too much and create separation anxiety with me. I'm that dog that it wouldn't take much for this to happen so I want you to be aware of this. attention is good, however my foster mom has taught me that nothing in life is for free. Thats attention included. I always have to do something like sit or shake first. She calls it discipline....I call it work. But, it gets me what I want so its all good.
     I LOVE other dogs and I LOVE people and children. I MAY chase cats however....When I get excited however be aware that I probably will knock a small child down accidentally. But I'm learning to not do this. Sometimes I do forget, my bad.... I can be a bit leery of men at first. I will bark at at them until I get to know them well. and when I say leery, I'm not mean or PART of me is mean or aggressive WHAT SO EVER! I'm a lover!
I love to go for car rides and do pretty well in the car. My leash walking needs work still but we are working on it. Initially I pull like crazy but eventually calm down with it.
I am house trained and crate trained. Oh and speaking of bums....we were sort of speaking of bum wiggles like NO OTHER. I get SO excited Its amazing I don't take flight off of the ground. I'm told thats pretty darn cute too...see I told you!! I AM cute!
     So, if you would like to meet me or if you have questions about me you can PM the rescue here, you can email them at or you can go directly to and fill out the short request for a meet and greet application.

     I hope to meet you soon! I hope that I will be in a forever home before Christmas ( I hear they dress the foster dogs up ridiculously silly here and plaster it all over social media. I just don't want to have that happen to me. Please save me from this embarrassment...)

Love, Titan

Beagle Mix
​​​​​​​Gladwin, MI

Im Dreaming of a Sweet Abby, Just like the one Your looking at here!
Hi Everyone! My name is Abby. Im a Super awesome, sweet girl, sister to the now famous Bear (McGee) who launched his video yesterday. He made out that it was such an awful thing that he had to get dressed up and how much he hated it....don't let him fool you....I hated it MUCH worse. Can you not tell from the look on my face? Heck, in some of the photos in the slide show I look like the hutch back of Notre dam. And he thought HE had it bad! Humph!
    But Here we go, Ill tell you about me now!  My name is Abby (again, we covered that in the paragraph above but my foster mom insisted again on it...rolling eyes) I am around 3 years old and I am a Beagle mix of a mix of another mix. My brother has mastiff in him so Im guessing I have some in me too although Beagle is much more prevalent in me then any other breeds. We were also said to have lab, there may be some in there somewhere possibly. I guess we are what is called a Heinz 57 but I don't think adoption sites like petfinder offer that option for a breed choice. 
    I LOVE people, adults men, women, kids, I love them all. I LOVE and lavish on attention. In fact, I crave attention and melt to any attention I get. Im not as treat motivated as my brother. I like treats sure. But Im that dog who a simple good Abby will mean even more to me then anything you could feed me...well, unless its a cooked chicken, then we can talk. Im a very sensitive young lady and if I get yelled at like with my brother, my entire world comes crashing down onto me. I do understand once in awhile I need a FIRM NO! to keep me in line (at least thats what Im told...I don't agree Im perfect)
    I am playful and love to go for walks, car rides and cuddle. I LOVE to cuddle. That has to be one of my favorite things! anything I can do with my humans I will LOVE to do. 
    I am updated on all of my vet care spayed, updated on rabies, heartworm negative, current on distemper vaccines, treated for fleas, ticks, current on heartworm monthly prevention, treated  monthly internal parasites, and Im microchipped. Im with my brother on that one, Im not sure what it is...he thinks its a government conspiracy.....I think he's partially right but Im aiming towards It being along the lines of some kind of mind control....scary stuff for us dogs these days out there!
    I do have confidence issues. Quite a bit actually. My brother and I actually had a  couple run in's with other dogs with our family that adopted us causing us to need to come back into rescue. (We were here at this rescue as just mere pups). Lots played into the scenario with the dog issues which I  will not go into right now. This is supposed to be a happy post right? After all, it is Christmas and I AM looking for my new forever family to adopt me! If you have questions howeve,  about my issues please email or PM the rescue on Facebook and my foster mommy will be happy to discuss everything with you. You are also welcome to go to to fill out the short meet and greet request form
    I can tell you this much, at this time until my confidence has been increased much more then it has been already and I start to have POSITIVE experiences with dogs I should NOT go to a home with other animals at this time. We are working diligently on things here and are slowly making some pretty good strides. 
    So, all of that being said, I would REALLY love to meet you and your family. I would love to have a home of my very own for the holidays so I can have all the attention I need, also with discipline, leadership and ongoing, diligent training.
Merry Christmas,
Love Always,

Mastiff Mix
Gladwin, MI

Tis the season to be a Jolly Bear....Yes I am a Bear...or at least my name is Bear, But I AM NOT JOLLY! I am NOT impressed having to be dressed up like this in this ridiculous outfit. If you think Im unimpressed wait until you see my sister Abby's pictures! Ive been through this all before with being forced to dress up when I was just a wee little pup. I had thought I left all of that behind me with only the painfully embarrassing scars to carry with me for the rest of my life. But NOPE! here I am again to relive it all. What's worse is last time it was just photos plastered on social, I have to deal with a video with Christmas music playing behind my photos being plastered onto social media. Karma will find you foster mom....
    Now, to tell you about me. My name is Bear. Oh wait, we covered that in the rant above. Some of you may also 
know me as McGee. I am a Male (not that ANYONE could tell with this ridiculous outfit I am being forced to wear!), 
I am around 3 years old (not that you can tell I look like a 1 year old in this ridiculous outfit) and I am a 
mastiff mix (Again ridiculous outfit...need I say more??)
    I am a people dog. I love my people. I love kids of all ages and I love all adult people. I am a HUGE cuddler 
and I am one HECK of a good slobbery kisser. I love to go for car rides, go for walks, play and talk. Yup, Im a 
HUGE talker especially when I want something..Usually it revolves around food...I like food....a lot...just in the 
event you didn't catch how much I like food..I LOVE food... hope I was able to get the point across to you
    I know the following commands, sit, stay, off, leave it, wait, quiet, no, down (thats a hard one for me unless 
you have a treat...I LOVE food). Im eager to please and will do anything for a treat...or two, or a few, maybe the 
whole box...yeah, lets roll with the whole box. I also LOVE praise. If you tell me GOOD BOY! my face will light up 
and I will will get a look on my face of sheer joy. If I do something wrong however and you say bad boy (which I 
never am....oops foster mom just glared at me) my entire world comes crashing down. Im a very sensitive guy. But 
soon as Im offered a treat my world is good again. I love food...
    I am updated on everything with my vet care. The ladies that had adopted me from this rescue were very 
diligent with keeping all my vet care up to date. They took very good care of my sister and I. Im neutered (shhhh 
don't tell the ladies) and microchipped too (whatever that is...must be a government conspiracy)
    Sadly, Abby and I needed to return to this rescue because we had a few run in's with other dogs. This stemmed 
from a few things. The first and foremost thing is lack of confidence. Neither of us have any. In fact, we are 
FEARFUL of certain situations. The other thing was the fact Abby and I fence ran with the neighbors dog. This 
caused a whole huge other plethora of issues for us. Abby and I even fought with each other at the fence, something 
we NEVER do! I know I need to go to a home where I can have a human leader(s). That is so important. I need to keep 
working on my confidence building so I can become a well rounded dog. I do not want to always be in a state of 
panic. Once my confidence comes, everything else will too.
    The first step now to getting confidence is removing this awful outfit and erasing it from my mind and NEVER 
EVER having to go through this emotional trauma again of getting dressed up. Can you please help me to get through the emotional abuse my foster mom has inflicted upon me by adopting me so I do not have to be subjected to this again? 
If you would like to meet me please go to to fill out the short meet and greet 
application. Or you can PM the rescue on Facebook or email them at if you have any further questions. Thank you for listening to me and my emotional rants. (haha not really, Im just being silly)

I hope you and your family have a Merry Christmas



Siberian Husky  


Gladwin, MI

  • Young
  • Female
  • Medium
  • Black , White / Cream / Black
  • About
playful, energetic, knows basic commands, walks well on leash, likes car rides, treat motivated, friendly, talker, silly, loves water
Vaccinations up to date, spayed / neutered.
Other dogs.
Cats, children.

Meet Faith
Hello, My name is Faith. I am an energetic, talkative, funny Siberian Husky girl looking for my forever home. I am looking for a home that has experience in huskies, that is very energetic and that will keep up with my training.

My story:

I was brought here from Animal control down by Detroit MI. I was adopted once from there but brought back due to some pretty sever issues that landed me on what is called the Euthanization list. I am not sure what that means, all I know is that I have heard that it isn't a good thing. The person at animal control along with another individual did not feel I should be euthanized. They found this lady at the rescue I am at now, and the rest is history.
When I arrived here, I had absolutely NO training. I also had the "MINE" complex, meaning what is mine is mine, what is yours is mine and I owned everything. I certainly felt I did not need to do anything that was asked of me. I knew a few basic commands but I wouldnt do them unless there was something in it for me. Yes, some of this is husky behavior, however, mine was to the extreme. Should anyone have tried to take something from me that I felt was mine ( and everything was mine) I would behave badly and sometimes bite them. HOWEVER,
After a year of rehabilitation, leadership, training and desensitization with things I am a very well rounded girl. I know my basic commands such as, sit, wait, leave it, down, off, stay, bring it and shake. My foster mommy said I never had any direction in my life or leadership causing me to act out badly and develop the "mine" complex to the extreme. 
My foster mommy can now place her hand into my food dish with food and I will eat around her hand ( I also had issues with being possessive over my food while in the dish). She can safely take things out of my mouth like toys, bones and anything else I decide to put into it that she needs to fish out (yup, now that is my NORMAL husky behavior showing up). She has desensitized, me from everything she can think of, given me direction, training and leadership. 
I am playful, I love to play fetch although, there are times when the bring the toy back consists of me bringing the toy to my foster mom , me waiting for her to get close and taking off with the toy. Its a fun game!
I like to play with other dogs but I can be overbearing and dominant with some dogs. I do best with other male dogs but I can do well with other females with proper introductions. NO CATS or small animals (chickens etc) however, DO have a very high prey drive! 
I like to go for car rides, and I ride very well in a vehicle . I walk well on the leash now with minimal corrections unless I see something that gets me really excited. I know my basic commands such as sit, stay, down, off, leave it, shake and bring it (still working on that!). I also am a talker and most of the time I never shut up! 
If you would like to learn even more about me please contact my foster mommy through this site! Im sure she will talk forever about me! 

You can also apply to meet me at and follow the link to the meet and greet/pre-adoption application.

Hope to meet you soon! oh, bring treats! Im VERY treat motivated!! 

PS. no young kids please



Shepherd Great Dane Mix


Midland, MI

  • Young
  • male
  • Medium
  • Brown 
  • Short
Vaccinations up to date, spayed / neutered.

Meet Reilly:

Hi everyone!! If you didnt already know, my name is Reilly. I am 10 months old and I am Great Dane/ shepherd mix. I am also considered to be special needs due to my back being broke when I was a mere pup. But saying that, I can do almost anything the other dogs can do. I walk and even run on my own! The vet didn't hold much hope for me because of where my back was broken at. But I showed all of them! 
I am a power chewer! That's my talent! so, I will need toys that will hold up to my ever so powerful jaws. Being just a pup I will chew on own toys but I will require some direction.
Im not able to scratch myself or groom myself due to my disability , so I like lots of loving to meet those needs. Oh, and stairs are pretty hard for me too, although I certainly try! I'm pretty determined!!
I have lived with other dogs since I was 4 months old and they have taught me a whole lot about how to move like them and how to "just" be a dog. However, I do tend to play rough so I need to be reigned in a lot. 
My favorite things DO NOT include car rides. I will consistently fall off the back seat. My foster mommy has a suburban and she folds the seats down for me but I still tend to look like Bambi on ice! 
I also need to be lifted in and out of the car since my coordination keeps me from doing it myself. 
I can urinate and empty my bowels on my own but I do have some control issues due to my broken back. 
I would do best in a household with children 7 and up, my balance isn't the greatest so I would hate to knock little ones over and hurt them. I love everyone and I love to have someone play with me. But, I also love to have my cuddle time too. 
I came into rescue at 4 months old. I walked very little and generally used my front legs to drag my hindquarters. Although, now my back legs tend to move without much coordination but I still am always up on 4 feet and moving.
I have my own pen in the house where I eat and sleep. That's just how special I am that I get my own special spot! This is good for me because it gives me a place to catch my breath and calm down. In a perfect world I would have my own access to the outside like a doggy door. I am very vocal when I need to go outside, which I hear is a huge plus!
I am up to date on my shots, neutered heartworm negative, treated for fleas, ticks internal parasites and on heartworm preventative. I am also microchipped. 
I know commands too! I sit (which is one of the things my foster mommy wasn't sure that I would ever do...showed her didn't I ?), lay down, go to your pen, breakfast and dinner, naptime, bedtime, outside, let's go in, cookies. I'm a super, duper smart guy! 
So if you can overlook my "disability", I promise I will make you one heck of a loving companion for years to come!

Ps. I was told anyone that would like to meet me should go and fill out the meet and greet application.

Love Always, 



Pit Bull Terrier  


Gladwin, MI

  • Young
  • Female
  • Medium
  • Brown / Chocolate\
  • Short
Vaccinations up to date, spayed / neutered.

Meet Athena
Good day! I'm Athena! I've been through all of this before including writing these crazy dating profiles. But, my last home sadly, ended in divorce and I had to move out to start a new life again. 

I am a sweet good natured pit bull, female (my foster mom said to put that I'm female in. "Rolling eyes" name is athena. Does she really think people need the fact I'm female pointed out!!??) 

I'm young. I'm only about 3-3 1/2 years old. But I've grayed prematurely a lot on my muzzle in the last year. I hear stress can do that. 

I'm energetic, I love to play sports such as ball with that special someone. I also enjoy car rides and letting the wind blow through my hair. I also love to go for jogs or walks anything you would like to do I'll be thrilled to do with you. 

I love to cuddle. So, at night after a long day I enjoy sitting back with that special someone and watching a movie. I do tend to fall asleep however during them, but that's part of my charm. 

I am spayed so I will never have children of my own. So, if my new someone's have children I would be thrilled since I LOVE kids! 

I am all updated on all my vet care as well! And whatever that thing is called a microchip, I have that too. 

When I first meet you I'm a tad stand offish. But that's ONLY for a few minutes. I let out a small growl but once I smell you and you offer me a treat I'll love you forever and ever. 

I get along with most dogs. However, the opposite sex is always better to pair me with. I'm not a fan of smaller animals, I hope that's not a turn off to you. I have so many other wonderful qualities about me I hope you can overlook a few of my less redeeming ones. 

So, if you would like to get to know me better and meet me, please just ask. I do hear people interested need to fill out a meet and greet application (I call it the dating application ) so I can see if we might be the perfect match for one another! These are found at

I can't wait to meet you! Can't wait for the dates to start rolling in!! 

Oh, please share me so I can find that that special someone to spend my life with 

Love always, 



Labrador Retriever & Shar-Pei 


Gladwin MI

  • Adult
  • Female
  • medium size
  •  Black coat
  • medium

Vaccinations up to date, spayed / neutered.
Other dogs.

Meet Boogie
Well hello!! My name is Boogie. Why the name Boogie do you ask? Well, let me tell you! My owner that named me said I danced like crazy when I was excited. So, she named me Boogie! 

Ok, now we have my name explained to you. The other dogs tell me it's routine to tell people about ourselves in hopes someone falls madly in love with us and adopts us. I personally think it sounds like a dating game. All the dogs giggled when I told them this. So, that's exactly what I'm going to do..... write a dating profile, so here it goes.

Eh name is Boogie (we have already covered that). I am a YOUNG 10 year old lab shar pei mix. I need to point out young because I still act very young for my age!! I am a Hawaiian dog. Yes, you heard that right! No, I don't wear those grass skirts to hula dance but I do know how to do a mean hula dance!! Not literally mean, I just meant cool. Can't have potential dates thinking I'm mean! I wound up in Michigan because the family that adopted me was in the military. 

I've had many people say that I'm an odd combination of breeds. Some have laughed at my ears not matching my head. I just say I'm very unique. Who wants an everyday floppy eared girl anyway! 

I love to go for car rides, walks by the water or by the moonlight. Even nice warm sunny days walking leash and hand is so romantic. Since I'm a Hawaiian girl I'm not a huge fan of the snow but maybe with that "right someone" we can learn to love snow days together! 

I love to cuddle. Oh my, if you let me do that all day with you I would be the happiest girl in the world. I'm also a furniture girl so please don't expect me to sit on the floor. I don't tend to get along well with others of the same species as me. Cats probably wouldn't be my cup of tea either. 

I don't like yelling. So, if you get involved with me don't yell at me please or get real loud around me yelling at others. So young children in the household would be too much for me, since I have no children myself. I'm also fixed so I will never be a mommy of my own pups. Here I must tell you I've been vaccinated against all harmful diseases, tested negative for heartworms and on medication for fleas, ticks, heartworms! Who wouldn't want a gal who has all her medical done with paperwork to prove it!! 

Last thing I need to mention, don't date me if you plan on putting me in a room when you leave and close the door. I hate small enclosed spots, but I'm actually coming leaps and bounds with that. I'm pretty much over it here but that doesn't mean I won't revert back when I get to a new spot. Just keep in mind what my foster mom tells you on how to work with me on things, and we will have a long, happy life together. 

So, please pick me, a fun loving hula dancing, crazy, loveable girl to come date! I'm well worth it!! 

Please share me too because sharing is caring (yeah, that's totally corny!) Please share me to help me connect with the love of my life (better, not so corny) 


Woofers was brought to me by a friend who found him abandoned, without food, water or shelter. Woofers is about 7 yrs old. He is housebroken and has a great attitude! I took him to my vet for a check up. I was concerned about diabetes or kidney problems because of his excessive drinking and needing to go out to urinate and his weight. My concerns were unfounded! His blood work came back very good! The vet said the drinking is probably due to dehydration and could possibly be classified as a psycogenic drinker. That means that he possibly drank a lot of water when he was bored and it developed into a habit. Since he has been with me his drinking has decreased as has the need to go out and urinate. He is about 15 -20 pounds overweight and has a bit of a problem sitting and laying down due to this. He is on a regiment of 3/4 cup of Taste of the Wild along with 1 can of green beans 2 times a day. His walks need to be easy and somewhat short - no longer than 2 miles until he starts losing weight. His front leg - near as the vet could figure without x-rays - was very badly damaged at the elbow. While this will always affect his gate, it should present no real problems. There is some arthritis involved. He gets along with my dogs. I just have to watch him at "food time". He really likes people (the vet and techs thought he was really special and sweet natured). He really seemed interested in a small child at the vet's. He wagged and wanted to sniff and say hi to the little tyke. Also, he showed no aggression towards any of the other animals that came in. Please contact Few Steps From Home Animal Rescue if you think you could give Woofers a great new home.