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Shepherd Great Dane Mix


Midland, MI



  • Medium
  • Brown 
  • Short
Vaccinations up to date, spayed / neutered.

Meet Reilly:

Reilly came into foster in December ❄️of 2018. He is a Great Dane/German Shepherd/Pitbull mix. 🐾🐾🐾🐾

In August 2020 he will be 2 years old.When he arrived we knew there was something wrong with his back and that was about it. At 4 months old he could hardly walk and generally was in a sitting position dragging himself wherever he went. When he was able to see a specialist we found out that what we thought was a broken back was actually a birth defect and once he quit growing the birth defect stopped getting progressively worse.

Reilly has learned how to be a dog 🐶in foster. He walks, he runs, he plays just like any other dog. He moves differently but he is a happy and confident young dog. 🦮Reilly has some incontinence issues that we continue to work on. In the last few months Reilly has gotten progressively better with grooming himself. At one point he could not groom himself at all.

Reilly is funny and seems to have a real sense of humor. He may not be perfect but has worked very hard to just be a dog and if he could tell you himself. I have no doubt that he would say that he is just like everyone else. 🐕Reilly does require a bit more work then your average dog but he is well worth it. He is as sweet 💖as the day is long. And would love to have his own family.

If you would like to adopt Reilly you can email us at or go to and fill out the 🐾DOG ADOPTION APPLICATION🐾... please bypass the meet and greet application at this time please.

❤️💕Reilly hopes to meet you soon❤️❤️💕


Hey Everyone, It's Woofers! Can you BELIEVE what my foster mom did to all of us POOR dogs!??!! Dressing us up and then putting it on Social Media. I think Im going to sue her for defamation of charactor,,,I don't know...sounded good....I've been here in rescue for quite some time. The people here have been trying to find out what is wrong with me and why I am having certain symptoms with my health. Ive been tested for a TON of things and The last thing I'm getting tested for we are hoping will give us some positive answers. So, even though I'm not available right now I REALLY hope that I will be soon. Im going to tell you about me now. If that is OK with you... Im a Siberian Husky Male..The person that named me couldn't think of a good name so I was called woofers. When I was turned in the rescue people just kept it because the name just "worked" for me as generic of a name as it was. Im older around 10 years old.
       Im friendly, I like all other dogs, big, small doesn't matter I like them. Im playful, I love walks, I love to eat (we all do here in rescue it seems). Im not super over affectionate but thats common for my breed. I like attention when I want it. Im a REAL odd ball (foster mom said I am....I find that offensive...she said it's not meant to be) I am unique I much prefer that word. Uniquely beautiful...thats MUCH better! She's the odd one but don't tell her that I won't get those yummy treats she provides me every night at bedtime. I love all people, I do great with kids of all ages as well. I really need work on taking treats better however. If you value your fingers you'll want to place the treat on the floor.....We have been working on this for a long time but my foster mom said she isn't sure if I enjoy the food or the fingers...she's a dork.
       I walk around like with a perpetually surprised look on my face. I don't think Im always surprised....maybe I am....I don't that all just surprised me thinking about all that....I have all of my basic vet care done, and that whole microchip government conspiracy thing thats been going around with all the rescue dogs chatter I just sit back and look shocked. Im good at that. I don't even have to pretend! When I run I tend to hop or bounce or maybe its sort of a bounce hop. Just to point this out I am not a rabbit nor am I a pogo stick. I am a Woofers. I am an original breed of my own. I prefer to consider myself a designer breed called the "woofers" yeah that sounds pretty cool huh? I made that one up all on my own. I'm also a comedian! Foster mom says not to quit my day job.....boy, she really doesn't get out much...Im a dog, I don't have a actual 9-5 day job. If I did I would have all the treats in the world at my pawtips. 
      Ok, I regress, I must talk more about me and not aimlessly ramble on about odd things.... Mostly what I want to get across to you , my readers is two simple words...ADOPT....ME..... I know Im not ready because of that dumb medical test that needs to come back, but maybe if I could get some love going on then maybe people will remember to keep following and inquiring about me until results come back.
       So, all that being said If you would like to learn more about me or ask questions please feel free to PM the rescue or email I know my foster mom would love to chat with you! She's a little odd everyone just try not to poke too much fun of her, like us dogs do every day! 
                             Hope all of you have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
Love Always,


Grizzly here. Almost everyone knows me and belongs to my fan club and those that don't I will be more then happy to let you join my "grizz" club!

Well, here is where I tell you a bit about me. I am a 10 pretty close to 11 years old male Alaskan malamute. I'm a big ' ol boy, I am a lover with people after I get to know and trust them. I do have trust issues. I went through some pretty bad stuff in the past, some which I just can't forget about. New people I am leery of. But I have got much better with meeting others. My foster mom knows exactly what to tell people to do when meeting me and she can read my body language very well to know when Im feeling uncomfortable. If I start to feel uncomfortable then I need to have my space and I need a lot of space cause Im a big boy! I do best with women as opposed to men. I do warm up to men, just not as quickly. Again people need to be able to read my body language and understand when I need my space. 

The type of home I would do best in is a quiet home. one that does NOT have a ton of people coming and going, maybe a middle aged couple that are retired, semi retired with no younger kids. I would love Somewhere I can live out my retirement days at. I would much rather be an only pet., although I do ok with some other medium to large dogs I would much rather have my people all to myself.... I would be so much happier. And absolutely NO cats. My prey drive is EXTREMELY high. Those furry little critters would not stand a chance with me. I would love a nice BIG fenced in yard with a privacy fence and APPLES, yes apples. a lifetime supply of apples. My foster mom has an apple orchard and I have discovered I absolutely LOVE apples!!! I guess I don't need a whole orchard, but if you could get me apples from the store even that would be awesome! 

I am a smart boy. Im not just a pretty face! I know commands such as sit, down (sometimes I will do this, mostly when food is near and there is something in it for me), shake although when I shake I slap...Im manly I have big powerful feet what do you expect!?

I am neutered I need to be updated on my rabies pretty soon coming up here and to be reheartworm tested, Ive been on heartworm prevention, flea, tick and internal parasite protection as well.Foster mom refuses to do distemper vaccines at my age. She says they will do me more harm then good at this point. I do have some hip dysplasia setting in, making stairs hard for me to do. I get down them just fine but getting up them sometimes is another story. As I said, going down is easier even when Im trying to go up....Foster mom tells me she feels the same way about stairs. Sometimes we roll down them together. She's soft so landing on her is great. Im currently on some medication for my hips that includes all kinds of good stuff in it likeMSM, Glucosamine, Tumeric, Green lipped Mussels and all kinds of other good stuff. I asked her to get the brand of medication for me because it was named Bayer....and I'm a Grizzly Bear!! 
I also get a fish oil tablet daily. I can move so much better with all of this and my coat is nice and shiny when its not covered in dirt from digging. I LOVE to dig...BIG...HUGE holes....Foster mom yells, I dig more. Im dedicated to my projects.
Im also microchipped. All the dogs here are so Weired. They all think it has something to do with a government conspiracy. That is insane. Im the one that injected them all with the chip so they can lead me to all the food!!! Abby was right when she said she thought it was a tracking device...but the government isn't tracking her with her's ME! I can keep close tabs on everyone and where they are going to steal food from. Works great in my favor. Just don't tell anyone I don't want my plan to be foiled.

I LOVE car rides, although tall vehicles, trucks, SUV's etc. are really hard for me to get into and out of. I really have HAD to love car rides since my travels started in California. From there I was adopted out from a rescue in that area to someone in British Columbia. A nice rescue took me in out there when they were contacted about me saying the adopter was not keeping me and wanted to shoot me because I bit him. They all searched for a rescue to help me overcome this and where I would be safe should I never be able to be adopted out safely. From British Columbia I traveled to Oregon where I stayed for awhile with a nice rescue lady then she brought me all the way to Michigan. She drove straight through with no breaks, other then for us to potty, eat and take a quick snooze here and there. It was a fun trip! 

I LOVE to sit on my foster mom. I don't seem to understand HOW big I am compaired to her. She will sit down with me and I sit right ON her. Then I will FLOP onto her more to lay down. I also pin her up against the wall when shes been gone even for a few minutes until I get the attention I feel I need and deserve. I WOO and I WOO a lot at times. although foster mom says I sound more like I am saying WHOOOO like a really deep voiced owl. She calls me her whoey bear. I like that she has little love nick names for me. She loves me a lot. I can tell. She told me that as Im typing this she feels very sad that she may have to let me go. She said every so often there is that dog that comes around that touches your heart to such a degree that she feels ill thinking about letting them go. I love her too a LOT but I think she will be ok without me...I hope. I tell her to be strong like she tells me that I am every single day. 

There is so much more to me... "The Grizz". And there is so much more to my story. But if anyone wants to know more I would be happy to have my foster mom tell you more. Like all the dogs here foster mom is being extremely careful where I go. I hear Faith the husky here she is being very careful with too because of her history as well. I have a tall order on me set for anyone that may want to adopt me, but that is the way it is and that is how it needs to be to help me stay and remain SAFE forever. Even with people's best intentions things can happen and that is precisely why I need special placement.

If you would like to know more about me please PM the rescue on Facebook or email at We would like to talk more to anyone that has interest before any applications are filled out to set up meet and greets. Thank you for understanding since I am special needs due to behavioral needs. 

Thank you for reading my story 
Grizzly aka Grizz, Big Bear, Baby Bear, Whoey Bear, Whooey, Big G and MANY more nick names!