Hi!  My name's Qana!  I'm a female Alaskan Husky and was born in June 2017, so I have an enormous amount of energy!  I love to talk.  I get bored easily (I'm still a puppy) so I have a tendency to chew, dig, and am still working on my potty training.  I do know sit, lay down, shake, and of course speak!  I love walks and my puppy pulling is easily corrected, especially if treats are involved.  I'm still getting rid of my puppy roundworms and am waiting until I am officially 1 year old to do my heartworm.  I am good to go on rabies, distempter, fleas/ticks, and am spayed and microchipped.  I am getting better with not guarding my food, but will need an owner willing to continue working on this so I don't revert back to how I use to be.  Unfortunately I shouldn't be around any small animals because I have a Husky prey drive.  I know it seems like alot to take in, but I am a puppy in need of a determined and responsible owner that wants to help me grow into an even greater fur baby!  If you have experience with my breed, have patience, and the willingness to spend time exercising and training me- I hope you come meet me!  I'll be waiting to "talk" to you!                      
                                                               ~ QANA

Meet Ms. Cookie!  She is such a cutie!  Born in 2011, she is the most loving, easy going girl around!  Cookie is a Beagle/Pit mix that is built like a Pit but barks like a Beagle, it can be quite comical.  She is such a great gal that is good with kids, cats, and all the dogs she meets!  She absolutely loves food.  Her only downfall so far is that she is stubborn!  She needs exercise but would rather keep her "winter" look and lounge around.  If you think you could love this girl and give her a wonderful, spoiled, furever home please schedule a meet and greet. 
Hi! My name is Chevayo.  I am a husky mix and was born in 2013. I have lots of energy but mind well.  I know how to sit, wait and stay. I am very intelligent. I am house and crate trained.  I love toys and am very playful.  I like to think that I am the boss so I really need someone who can be dominant and keep me in my place.  I would love to go to a home with someone that has husky knowledge and that will keep up on my training and teach me new things.  It would be best, due to my level of energy that there not be small children in the home.  I would feel bad if I knocked one down.  I am up to date on all vaccines, neutered, treated for fleas and heartworm negative. I will also be chipped before leaving rescue. I should go to a home with a high wooden fence. I can and will climb even very tall wire fences (I told you I was a smart boy)!  I do quite well on a leash. I do not do so well with small animals but I do wonderful with other dogs my size or bigger. I would love to have a home with another energetic dog! NO CATS! If you want an awesome boy, that's me!!

Brody is a big loveable brute. He has mild hip dysplasia as well as ADHD. He is very stubborn, but will learn to please. He considers cats to be 'fast food'. He loves coming in from the cold and being covered with a blanket, where he will sleep for hours. His favorite thing in the whole world is cuddling. He is great with children and likes to swim and fetch things. He likes to eat potted plants, so gardeners beware. You can scratch him anywhere and he loves it. He can be aggressive to other dogs when there are women giving him attention, or around food. He loves rawhides, provided you have started to peel them for him, and due to his ginormous cranium melon, can destroy one in under twenty minutes. He also likes to eat pillows. Brody would require a moderately sized fenced yard and lots of attention. He has a very intimidating bark for a doorbell, but loves to meet new people when they are invited in. He would do best in a one-dog home. When he is scolded, he does a great Sylvester Stallone impression.

Woofers was brought to me by a friend who found him abandoned, without food, water or shelter. Woofers is about 7 yrs old. He is housebroken and has a great attitude! I took him to my vet for a check up. I was concerned about diabetes or kidney problems because of his excessive drinking and needing to go out to urinate and his weight. My concerns were unfounded! His blood work came back very good! The vet said the drinking is probably due to dehydration and could possibly be classified as a psycogenic drinker. That means that he possibly drank a lot of water when he was bored and it developed into a habit. Since he has been with me his drinking has decreased as has the need to go out and urinate. He is about 15 -20 pounds overweight and has a bit of a problem sitting and laying down due to this. He is on a regiment of 3/4 cup of Taste of the Wild along with 1 can of green beans 2 times a day. His walks need to be easy and somewhat short - no longer than 2 miles until he starts losing weight. His front leg - near as the vet could figure without x-rays - was very badly damaged at the elbow. While this will always affect his gate, it should present no real problems. There is some arthritis involved. He gets along with my dogs. I just have to watch him at "food time". He really likes people (the vet and techs thought he was really special and sweet natured). He really seemed interested in a small child at the vet's. He wagged and wanted to sniff and say hi to the little tyke. Also, he showed no aggression towards any of the other animals that came in. Please contact Few Steps From Home Animal Rescue if you think you could give Woofers a great new home.