MEET MAIZEY!  A beautiful baby girl born in late 2016. 
My name is Romeo and I'm looking for my Juliet!  Just kidding!  I'm really just looking for someone to love me unconditionally for the rest of my life!  I have alot of life left, as I was born July 2016.  I sure would love a place to call my own and play with toys!  Maybe curl up on your lap and purr too!  I am truly a beautiful boy!

Meet Orangey and Gizmo.  They have such a sweet story to share with everyone.  Orangey was taken in as a stray in 2011 by a very caring individual.  Gizmo arrived as a stray in 2016 and without his mommy.  Orangey took him under his paw and they have been inseparable since.  We would love to see them remain together in a fur-ever home, due to their amazing connection.
Hi!  I am Willow, a beautiful, Tuxedo, little girl born 2016!  My brothers and I were taken in by these wonderful rescue volunteers, and are so thankful but we want what anyone else wants...a place to call Home Fur-Ever! 
I love my picture taken and have the sweetest personality at such a young age, you won't be disappointed when you meet me!  See You Soon!  Love, Willow!
That's me in the background with that handsome face staring right at you!  My name is Winston.
I am a young Tuxedo boy, born 2016, who is looking for a family to call my own!  I am here with my sister (Willow) and brother (Ziggy), and momma Calla- being spoiled.  Can't wait to tickle someone with my whiskers!  Come visit me and maybe the rest of my family too, we are all so sweet!

Well you've seen the 3 adorable kittens, now to meet their gorgeous momma- Calla!  She is just strikingly beautiful, who would have ever thought she was a pregnant stray at one time.  She is being pampered by FSFH volunteers but it's time her and her babies find their fur-ever homes. 

Domestic Short Hair - gray and white • Adult • Female

Hello, my name is Bandi. I was, born in 2008. I'm a pretty and very well behaved Lil girl. I love my toys. I'm curious about dogs, they make my hair stand straight. If you are that special person who could make me a part of your family, please contact the nice people at the rescue so we can meet.

Domestic Short Hair * Adult * Male

Hello! My name is Captain. I am a sweet boy,  who was born in 2010.  I have the biggest heart. Once you look into my big green eyes and feel my exceptionally soft fur, you will realize I am the purr-fect kitten for you. Will you give my a chance at a fur-ever home?

Domestic Short Hair-black Mix • Adult • Female *Scared of Dogs

My name is Licorice. I was born in 2009. I am a loving girl who would just love to go home with you and curl up on your lap and have you pet me, so I can purr for you. I'm very afraid of dogs, so if you do not have any dogs I would love to come home with you.

Domestic Short Hair • Adult • Male

Hello my name is Neo. I was born in April of 2010. I am the softest kitten you will ever feel. I love to play, play, play and eating is pretty fun too! I hope you will consider playing with me and giving me the chance to have my very own fur-ever home.

Domestic Short Hair-black • Adult • Male

Hello my name is Gambit. I was born in 2010. I love to play, play, play! Oh ya, food is my favorite too. l have six toes on my front feet and 5 on my back feet which makes them the cutest feet. I also have very very soft fur. Won't you give me a chance at a fur-ever home?

Domestic Short Hair-black • Adult • Male

Hello my name is Onyx. I was born in 2010. I am handsome and playful. My fur is so soft you will want me to cuddle up with you every night. I can't wait to find my fur-ever home! Do you think you can give me a chance? I promise, I won't let you down!
Sweet Pea

Tuxedo • Female

Hi, my name is Sweet Pea.  I was born in 2010.  My name pretty much sums me up. They tell me at the rescue that I am a "Doll".  I would just love my own family to love. I do know that I am a very nicely marked Tuxedo kitty. I am about 3 years old. I had a home with 2 other cats, but our mom gave us up. I am ok around other cats, but would do best around just a few. There are a lot here! So, come see me so I can capture your heart!

Domestic Long Hair • Adult • Female

Hi! I am Pippy. I was born in 2011.   I am a bit of a shy girl. I figure it's wise to be cautious around strangers. I'm going to need a family who can nurture and comfort me at first. If you can do that, I will fall in love with you. My fur is beautiful and I have lovely markings. If you are that special person, won't you come and see me? Please go to the Cat Adoption Form page to adopt me!

Domestic Short Hair-black Mix • Adult • Female

Hi! My name is Savannah. I was born  May 2007. I have beautiful fur. It is so black and shiny and soft. I like to be up in high places and look down on everyone else. It's fun to watch them all be silly from up on a high perch. I really would like a nice loving home of my own. I would love my own special place. Could that be with you? Won't you think about it and come in to meet me?

Domestic Short Hair • Adult • Male

Hello! My name is Tigger. I'm a pretty yellow male tiger cat, that was born in 2009. I'm friendly, cuddly, and would love a furr-ever home of my own. If you need a loving companion consider adopting me.

American Shorthair Mix Adult • Female •

Candy was born in 2010.  Candy has been through soo much in her short little life time. She was adopted out and had a great home, but her mom got very ill. After some rehab she improved and Candy's human dad built them a nice new house. It burned to the ground! Now Candy needs a new home as her humans just have too much to deal with right now. Throughout it all, Candy remains as sweet and loving as ever. She absolutely loves people and attention. When Candy arrived at our rescue after all her trauma, she adjusted immediately. This precious brave girl really really deserves a special new family. If you think you might be that family, please contact us. We'd love to have you come meet her. I KNOW you will fall in love.

Domestic Short Hair-orange • Adult • Male

Hello, my name is Tony.  I was born on 4/28/2011. I am a sharp looker! I'm was here at this rescue with my brother Tang but he found his furever home already. I am a little shy, but with a safe home with no dogs I'm certain I would do well. I am very gentle and nice. I like to play and lounge around. Any chance you'd like to meet me?

Tabby - Orange • Adult • Male

Hi my name is Stubby! I got my name it for a reason. I was rescued by a nice lady when I was in a bit of a pickle. My tail had been half cut off and I needed medical attention. Few Steps From Home came to my rescue and got me all fixed up. Now I just have a "Stubby" tail. So, it's a happy story, except I would love a furr-ever home of my very own. I am a very gentle and kind boy.  I was born in 2008. How 'bout setting up some time to get to know me?
Hi, my name is Toby.  I was born in 2012.  I’m a jolly, happy guy. I just like to wonder around amongst the other kitties here. Sometimes they get mad at me though. So, I think getting out of here and going to my own special furr-ever  home would be great! Please consider meeting me. I have lots of love to give. In the mean time, I’ll be waiting!
Hello, my name is Socks.  I was born in 2011.  I am a good boy, but I am a little timid. I need a foster home or furr-ever family who would like to work with helping me feel safe and secure. I have it in me, but I need time and nurturing. I promise if you give me a try, I’ll pay it forward!

Domestic Short Hair - orange and white • Adult • Female

Hi! My name is Kassie.  I was born in 2011.  At the time of my rescue, kids were throwing stones at me. It has caused me to become cautious and shy, but through it all I still love people. I don't feel safe around other animals right now,  so I am living my days hiding. I need a special person to snuggle and help me feel safe. When away from other animals, I will come out and even play. As the sole animal in a furr-ever or foster home, I'll flourish quickly. .

American Shorthair Mix • Young • Female

Hello my name is Tina. I was born sometime early the summer of 2014. . I've been waiting for one of those forever homes I've heard about. I'm a really good lil girl with a fun and playful personality. I promise if you meet me, you will love me.  If you think you could be my special family please contact the nice people at the rescue working to help me find a good home. I'll be here waiting!! Luv, Tina

Domestic Short Hair • Adult • Female

Hello, I am Mystic.  My sister and I were born in 2011.  We are both here waiting for our new family to show up.  I am a very playful and loving cat. I get along with and love playing with all my friends at the rescue.  My sister Mystique and I love playing chase and tumbling around with each other.  We are a couple of fun and entertaining girls!  Come see for yourself!  See you soon!

American Shorthair • Adult • Female

Hi! I am Mystique. I am here at this nice rescue with my sister, Mystic.  We like it here, and we have each other, but really what we want is a furr-ever home with our own furr-ever family. If we could stay together that would be so incredible! I am full of energy. I love to play and be silly. I am a happy and joyful little girl. I just know if you met me you would love me. Everyone here does! Meeting me would seal a deal I'm certain. Then we could snuggle and purr all we want together.

American Shorthair • Adult • Female

Hi! My name is Lizzie.  I was born in 2009.  I was brought to Few Steps From Home by 2 sisters when the 3rd sister had a stroke and was in a nursing home. She was no longer able to care for me.  They all  love me here at the rescue. I am just full of character and personality.  Come on and visit me and I can show you!

Tuxedo • Young • Female

Hello, I am Mia, although, for some reason I am often referred to as Precious. I was born in 2011.  I had a home with 2 other cats and we were brought to this nice rescue just for boarding. Well, our mom never came back for us. I am a very, very, nice girl. I love people so much and just want a furr-ever home. I keep hoping! Would you consider meeting me so I can show you what a good girl I am?

American Shorthair & Tabby Mix • Adult • Male

Hi, I'm Archie. I was born in 2010. I am just one of several kittens who were brought in to the rescue very young and scared. I have learned not to be as afraid of the people who want nothing more than to love me. I have actually become quite friendly and loveable since I came here. I'm a pale colored Tabby with such welcoming round eyes. I am hoping someone will appreciate me and fall in love. If you think you can do that, please contact the loving folks who are taking care of me.

American Shorthair • Young • Female

My name is Annabelle! For starters...I am sweet!..I am cute!..and I am sometimes silly! I will even let you hold me in your arms like I am a real human baby. I was born in 2012. I get along just good with all the others kitties here. I think I probably would be good around a dog too. I'm quite easy going and trusting. I'm hoping to find my furr-ever home. I've got lots of love to give. Would you be interested in meeting me? You can hold me while you think about it!!

Domestic Short Hair • Young • Female

Hi! My name is Jackie. I was born in December of 2012. When I was a kitten, I was found living in a shed. I am a wonderfully busy, curious, fun-loving girl. I am petite and full of energy. I'm happy to be with other cats. Not sure about dogs, but I suspect I'd adapt quickly. I am easy going, trusting and ready to fill your life with joy and laughter as I'm typically up to something silly.

American Shorthair & Bengal Mix • Adult • Female

Hi, my name is Noelle. I was rescued on Christmas Eve night and that is why my name is now Noelle. I was born in 2010.  I am sweet, gentle and lovable. I'm great with all the other cats here. I would probably be fine with dogs, though I've not been around them much that I can recall. I love people. I'm sure if you met me you would love me. I know I would love you!

American Shorthair • Adult • Male

Hello, my name is Mac.  I was born in 2011.  I am soft and so sweet. I love to play in my water dish and chase the other cats.  It's very fun. Won't you give me a chance at my very own forever home.

American Shorthair • Young • Male

Hello, I am Ghost. I was born in 2011.  I was rescued by a nice young man, but after several months, he decided to go to Florida. It was winter time so he brought me to this loving rescue so I wouldn't starve or freeze. I am doing very well and just keep hoping to find a furr-ever family to love. After all, I have so much love to give. I love people and attention. I love to play. I'm sure when I do get a furr-ever family I will want to be near them all the time. So, please won't you consider adopting me into your family?

Domestic Short Hair-black • Adult • Female

Hi, my name is Jasmine. I was born in 2008. I am a very sweet girl. I was found as a homeless and brought to the rescue. I get along well with other kitties, dogs and I love people. I am quite the lap kitty in fact. I love attention and to rub on your legs after a hard day at work. Will you let me give you all my attention? Please give me a chance at a furr-ever home. Please go to the Cat Adoption Form page to adopt me.

Domestic Short Hair & Tiger Mix • Adult • Female

Hi, I am Aurora. I came to this rescue with my mom and kitten siblings.  I was born in 2011, so I've been patiently waiting for quite some time for my furr-ever family.  I am a true sweetie. I think you human peeps are just great! I am excited to get my own family. I am fine around all the other kitties here. Please won't you give me a chance? I would love to meet you and show you my personality!

Domestic Short Hair-orange • Adult • Male

Howdy! I am Bailey. It might not surprise you to know that I am a rescue favorite to my caregiver peeps. I am just such a character. I am full of love and joy. I greet the rescue guests by putting my front paws on their people legs to get attention. It works real good too! I was born in 2012. I say bring on the furr-ever home and family.....I will treasure them furr-ever in return. Won't you please come and meet me.

American Shorthair • Adult • Male

Hi, my name is Cooper. I really really love attention. I want to find my furr-ever family and just sit around snuggling with them! Doesn't that sound good. I am also very playful. My favorite toy is little plastic springy things. I carry them around in my mouth. I am also a talker. If you talk to me, I will talk back to you. I was born in 2010 and have been waiting awhile for my new family.  How 'bout we make a date to meet?

American Shorthair • Adult • Male

Hello, my name is Payton. I was born sometime around 2011. I am the sweetest, loving boy there is. I love attention so much. I really would like a new furr-ever home of my own. Only this time one of those furr-ever homes I've heard about. If you were to meet me, we would probably love each other right away. If you want a big boy, you'll love me too, cuz I'm a large kitty.

Domestic Short Hair-black & Extra-Toes Cat (Hemingway Polydactyl) Mix • Adult • Female

Hello, my name is Holly. I was born in April, 2010. I have 6 toes on each of my feet which makes them really really cute. I have such soft fur you will want me to cuddle up with you all night. I have a big heart! I was born at Few Steps From Home when a nice lady rescued my pregnant mom and brought her in. I'm here with a few of my black brothers which helps me pass the time. Really though, I want a furr-ever home. Won't you consider me. I'm a true sweetie!

Domestic Short Hair-black and white • Adult • Male

Hello, my name is Pepper. I was born in 2012. My sister and I came to Few Steps From Home together, but she was adopted out quickly. I am a busy boy with quite a bit of energy. I am sweet and when I decide I want attention from someone I get it by rubbing my head on them. That usually works real well. I'm good with other cats, but at times I can be an instigator. I'm living life to the fullest, but would love a furr-ever home. I'd love to meet you. I could fill your life with fun too.